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Oyster Shirts was born in Wellfleet, Massachusetts on Cape Cod.

That’s right… Wellfleet, the heart of the Oyster Riviera. The Napa Valley of Oysters. The Center of the Slurp Juice. The Capital of the Molluscan Delights. A place where briny bivalves are perfect and plentiful, and as celebrated as the finest of wines and whiskeys – as they should be.

Slurping down a Wellfleet Oyster is like taking a briny plunge into the salty ocean itself, a burst of freshness that transports you to the seaside.

About Wellfleet, Wellfleet Oysters, and Wellfleet Farmers

The hardworking folks in this community dedicate their lives to nurturing and cultivating these ocean gems. With saltwater in their veins and a deep respect for the ebb and flow of the tides, they tend to their oyster beds with dedication in rain, sunshine, sleet, and snow. These stewards of the sea understand that the secret to Wellfleet’s world class oysters lies in the pristine waters of their beloved coast and the meticulous care they provide to each and every mollusk. Their passion for these bivalves is as boundless as the horizon that stretches back toward the shores of the mainland and The Bridge. It’s this dedication that has made Wellfleet the epicenter of oyster excellence for generations, and will continue to for generations to come.

Oyster Shirt FAQ

Why Oyster Shirts?

Everyone needs a shirt, right? Can’t just go around naked.

But, who's going to buy them?

Not sure.  
Don’t care.
We like our designs. They’re fun. We’re fun.

But let’s pause here for a second… lighten up, maybe laugh a little?

You like oysters, you work hard, and we think you deserve a shirt with your favorite molluscular aphrodisiac on it to let everyone know you go hard on the Sea Snot. Go ahead, buy one. Maybe you’ll be the only one, but we doubt it.

No really, who do you think is going to buy these?

Our neighbors? You? Our moms? Maybe your mom 😉

So you don't have anything better to do...

Not really.

Tourist season’s over. Restaurants are closed. Waves are flat. Ain’t shit TO do.

So go buy a shirt and help us with groceries, dog food, and maybe a bar of surf wax. You won’t regret buying a shirt.