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Wellfleet OysterFest FAQs: Your Complete Guide to the Festival

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Wellfleet OysterFest is a beloved Cape Cod tradition that celebrates the rich shellfishing industry, offering a vibrant mix of seafood, culture, and community. To help you make the most of your OysterFest experience, we’ve compiled an extensive list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) that cover everything from event logistics to important details you should know. For a full guide to the festival and list of events, read our post here.

Where Do We Park, and What Should I Expect When Parking and Using the Shuttle Service?

For a full rundown on parking at Wellfleet OysterFest, read our full post here.

Wellfleet OysterFest offers FREE parking and FREE shuttle services from three beaches on Ocean View Drive: Lecount Hollow Beach, White Crest Beach, and Newcomb Hollow Beach. Shuttles operate continuously, shuttling guests from the beach parking lots to the corner of Main Street & Bank Street, where they can access the Town Hall entrance gate. Shuttles run approximately every 30 minutes, starting at 10 am daily and taking around 10 minutes to reach the town center. Be prepared when departing, as departing shuttles can be crowded, and lines may form when everyone leaves simultaneously. Shuttle service ends at 6 pm.

Other Parking Options:

If you prefer alternatives to free parking, local private citizens and businesses provide paid parking options close to the festival grounds.

Handicap Parking:

For visitors with special needs, twenty FREE handicap parking spaces are available at Mayo Beach. These spaces include shuttle service to the entrance at Holbrook/Briar and Main Street. While this location is farther from Town Hall, it is the only flat area where shuttle buses can stop and assist passengers without causing delays for other shuttles. Additional handicap parking is available at the First Congo Church for a fee of $20.

Is there a full list of Wellfleet OysterFest events?

Yes! You can read our “Ultimate Guide to Wellfleet OysterFest Events and Music Schedule.” If you just want to know about the music at OysterFest, read our post “Wellfleet OysterFest Music Schedule.”

Are Dogs Allowed at OysterFest?

Unfortunately, no dogs or animals are allowed at Wellfleet OysterFest, except for service dogs.


Where Does My Entrance Fee Go?

Wellfleet OysterFest is a non-profit organization (WOA) dedicated to promoting education and exposure to the vibrant shellfishing industry. Your entrance fee contributes to several festival features, including three live bands performing each day, daily shucking competitions, enlightening presentations by two scientists at the Wellfleet Library (free on Saturday), a free kids’ area, free parking at designated areas, and complimentary shuttle services. Additional expenses, such as food, oysters, beverages, beautiful arts and crafts, and shucking lessons (priced at $10, including a lesson, 6 oysters, and a scientist’s talk about oysters), are not included in the entrance fee.

Do I Need a Ticket in Hand or Can I Buy One There?

All festival tickets must be purchased through Eventbrite on the official Wellfleet OysterFest website. Even kids 12 and under are admitted for free but require a Kid ticket. Each person attending the festival must have a valid ticket. If tickets are still available, you can purchase them on your mobile device at https://www.wellfleetspat.org/wellfleet-oysterfest.

Where Will Wellfleet OysterFest Be Held This Year?

Wellfleet OysterFest will take place on Main Street on October 14-15, 2023.

Where Is the LOST & FOUND?

The Lost & Found area is located in the Admissions Tent at Town Hall. Please note that all bags will be subject to search.

Can I Bring My Own Beer or Wine?

Outside alcoholic beverages are not allowed at Wellfleet OysterFest. However, you can enjoy beer and wine available for purchase within designated areas.

Is There Beer & Wine at the ‘Fest?

Yes, you can find beer and wine for sale within the designated areas of the festival.

Where Is the FIRST AID TENT?

The festival’s first aid tent is conveniently situated on the front lawn of Town Hall.

Is There a Festival Map?

Yes, there is a festival map available to help you navigate the event. You can access the map by visiting this link: Wellfleet OysterFest Festival Map.

How Many People Attend per Day?

To ensure the safety and comfort of all attendees, Wellfleet OysterFest caps daily attendance at 11,000 people.

How Can I Volunteer?

If you’re interested in contributing your time and energy to the Wellfleet OysterFest as a volunteer, please send an email to volunteers@wellfleetspat.org. They will provide you with more information about volunteering opportunities at the festival.

Wellfleet OysterFest promises an unforgettable experience, celebrating the rich heritage of the shellfishing industry and offering a fantastic array of activities for all ages. Remember to plan accordingly, adhere to festival policies, and enjoy the festivities responsibly. We hope you have a fantastic time at this year’s Wellfleet OysterFest!